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On this page you can see a special cross and of course there is a story behind it. From the moment my spiritual awareness awaked, I saw crosses everywhere. Mainly on trucks when I was on the road for my work. I saw so many of them that I wondered if it was actually normal, especially when I realized that others that rode with with me, didn't always see them. For years I did not understand it and Bernardine, my medium and anchor in spiritual affairs could not clarify it for me. It was up to me to understand what the message was. She advised me to ask for another sign that would help me solve this mystery, but the crosses kept appearing. Only much later it would finally become clear to me.


Give your Own Definition

Meditation in silience and the cross of Han
Meditation in silience and the cross of Han.

In the mean time I left the Catholic Church because I no longer felt at home there. It was a difficult decision but I could no longer unite myself anymore with the institution, its behavior and the rules.

What was even more important: contrary to what I had learned in my childhood, for me God was no longer the stern man on a throne that rules the world. I no longer believed that we would encounter his feared judgment about the life we lived, when we would appear before him after our death. To me God is (and you may Give your Own Definition) the all, the cosmos, energy, love, a piece of you and a piece of me. Jesus' way of the cross is most literally a martyrdom and that is kind of how I felt going to church, as time passed by.

I do have to mention that pope St. Francis is like a breath of fresh air to me. But even so, I decided to leave the church after fifty years of loyalty in order to follow my own path of spiritual awareness. In that process I found out that I was further distancing myself from the people around me. I had developed a large social network; you could say that the horizontal reach was wide. More and more my network became smaller since I felt the need for depth and I felt the necessity to make connection with God the Father (the cosmos or all) on the one hand, and Mother Earth on the other hand; the vertical line so to say.


Bluetooth connection

Mother Earth (in capitals) is a beautiful living being with an incomprehensible consciousness just like all planets and stars in the universe. And like all mothers do, she gives us life: she provides water, fills our lungs with oxygen, provides food so that vegetation and animals can exist here. She even grants us our physical body and takes it back again when we pass away (art thou come from dust and to dust shalt thou return).

Contrary to what I learned in the old days (you are a body and have a soul) now I know it's the opposite: you are a soul and for the time being you have this body. As a soul you have chosen to live this life with these parents, in this period of time, and in this environment. Your cosmic soul resides, during your life, in a terrestrial coat. As a human being (body and soul in one) you are literally a miraculous symbiosis. Just like how it is meant to be.

As far as I'm concerned the earth is not confined by the bottom, the grass, or the road on which we stand. Mother Earth also includes its aura, the atmosphere. After all, trees, flowers and plants have their roots in the earth, but they also keep on living when they are repotted, get out of the soil, and find a place on our terrace or balcony (and then the roots have a "Bluetooth" connection with the soil). The connection with Mother Earth simply is there and that's the same with us human beings. Although we do not literally have our roots in the ground like for example an oak tree or a cypress, physically we are a piece of earth.

At the moment of incarnation we enter the atmosphere, and we live under a veil of amnesia. Separated from Home and welcomed on and by Mother Earth, in her atmosphere, and becoming one with her being.


Beyond martyrdom, living is playing

Just like we are a unity of body and soul, Jesus Christ was the perfect symbiosis of God the Father and Mother Earth. Same as it's evident that God the Father and Mother Earth are on the vertical axis of the cross, for me Jesus Christ - as a symbol of humanity - is broadly on the vertical axis. I make the sign of the cross as follows: vertically from the top in the name of God the Father to the bottom to Mother Earth and next horizontally from the left hand side from Jesus Christ the symbiosis and role model for people on earth to the right hand side, to love, the all and oneness.

Meditation in silence, meeting in the pub
Meditation in silence, meeting in the pub.

The circle describes (literally like the hands of a clock) the entity. That's why for me it's so beautiful to meditate for an hour. The sign of the cross is anchored at the bottom in the pelvis of the circle. Right there in the pelvis (in your pelvis) you will find the power of silence. You may also see the circle as a protective aureole of the cross, just as you have your own aura and planet earth has its atmosphere.

The sign of the cross is my own sign. It stands for the unity of the cosmos, earth, and the miraculous life that we are. It is beyond the ecclesiastical martyrdom. After nine years I realized why I saw all these crosses that others didn't see and I understood that I had to reveal this mystery by myself (literally re veal). Life is not merely suffering (martyrdom). Life is of course about being responsible, but it's also about playing and having fun, and you may share it.

Meanwhile with my own hands I have made the cross out of a big oakwood leaf; it is displayed in our meditation room and you can see it on the picture above.


Pub in The Seventh Heaven

If it is of any relevance to you, feel free to copy or distribute the cross sign image, my explanation, or maybe your own interpretation (Give your Own Definition).

A good friend of mine who is a preacher, thinks that I am mad (you may too), and we agreed to disagree and settle this matter upon meeting each other in the pub '"The Seventh Heaven" after our passing, in order to see which one of us was right at the time, while drinking a beer. Maybe both of us were right, maybe neither. Either way they'll serve a cloister beer. If not in "The Seventh Heaven" then for sure at the neighbors' place "Au Vieux Han"...

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Meditation in Silence, Han Terneldeli