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Welcome to "Meditation in Silence"

Under this header I - Han Terneldeli - organize meditations in silence in the city of of Breda (the Netherlands), including silent walks and silent retreats.


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The teachers and countless books about meditation make it sound so easy. Just sit for some time, watch your breath, let your thoughts and feelings drift by in the sky of your mind, and you will come to a new awareness.  You will discover compassion! Read more >>>


Immersion met pleasure during our weekend retreats in autumn 2015!

Meditation in Silence, weekend retreat on the Essenburgh property in the Netherlands, click here for all the details!
Meditation in Silence, click here for all the details!

At the Essenburgh Priory in the Netherlands, you can find the the newly built retreat center "The Farm" . In September and November last, we organized a retreat here with meditations in silence. With its monasteries, castle, ponds and animals, the property is like a living painting where it isn't hard to get in the right mood.

And please be aware of the fact that immersion is not a synonym for dark and heavy. It brings you inner balance and calm and because of that there's lots of room for pleasure too! Click here for all the details!

We are always looking for fine retreat centers. With groups varying from 5 to 15 men, we have to be able to meditate, eat and sleep there. If you want to share an address with me somewhere in Europe of which you think it might be suitable, please contact me at or use the contact page.

Meditation in silence, please click here to go to the contact page


Meditations on Sunday evenings

On Sunday evening from 7:45 pm you are also welcome at our meditation room next to our house (Zoutmanweg 31 in Breda Boeimeer). We’ll be happy to receive you in silence and from 8 till 9 pm we meditate in silence. You can do that following your own intention. It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or that you are a novice. You are invited to join us in this experience!

On the second Sunday of the month from 8 till 9 pm the evening theme will be “Cities of Light”. Throughout the Netherlands (and even abroad) people gather in private living rooms in order to meditate for a better world. I am happy to join this beautiful initiative of Kris and Tijn Touber (via my page link you can visit them).

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Please feel free to light a candle or bring anything that has special meaning to you. Maybe you will want to bring your own meditation pillow or a little bench. Just make yourself comfortable.

Meditation in silence at the beach in the Netherlands
Meditation in silence at the beach in the Netherlands.

In general, for all evenings it’s the same: you can leave in silence, or you can chose to stay longer after the meditation. If all those who want to leave in silence have left, we have some time together to exchange experiences, just choose what feels good to you.

There are no costs related to these evenings, but if you want to leave a donation you may do so of course. Choose what is best for you, we want you to feel at home and completely at ease!

We are happy to  open up our meditation room to you and if you want to join us, just let us know and sign up via the contact page.

Meditation in silence, please click here to go to the contact page

Silent walks and retreats

Nature brings you a sense of peace. That makes sense: in the same way time is related to space, silence is related to nature. If you are interested in silent walks, please send me a message via the contact page. I will contact you by phone or email.

Also for the retreats we strive to center ourselves thru the healing power of nature. If you want to stay posted, please sign up for our newsletter.

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Meditation in silence and the link page

While looking for an appropriate name for this website many ideas came up. “Meditation in” turned out to be free, just like the Dutch site name “De kracht van” (the power of silence). Of course I also googled the name and some relevant search results showed up to which I gladly refer. Among others Eckhart Tolle is the author of the book “The power of now” or in Dutch “De kracht van het nu” and in 2010 he held a speech in Rotterdam called “The power of silence” or in Dutch “De kracht van stilte”. Via my link page you can connect to his website. There you can also visit Karo’s Zorg (Karoszorg), Robert Gilhuijs’ site; in 2014 he published a book with the very same title. On my page link you will find more links to sites about silence, to name an example: the one of Rients Ritskes' "", the course that I attended and "Silent Stay" from Ruth and Bruce Davis.


Meditation in Silence, Han Terneldeli