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Meditation in Silence, Han Terneldeli han

This is a site about my spirituality and mediumship. It’s one of my passions!

So, when you're looking for a good medium, you're on the right address here with Meditation in Silence.

On my Dutch website “Teksten van Han” (about copywriting, click here) you’ll find my other occupation. The thing that relates them, is the transmitting or translating of messages.

So you could say that I’m a translator in fact, literally. On Linkedin (click here) you can see what I have done earlier in my life.


In the silence you can hear

han De kracht van Stilte, keramiek van De Blauwe Roos

In 2006 - when I went to Assisi, Italy - silence came onto my path. In this small city is also my link with Friederike Weiß whom you’ll meet on this site as well. She writes on our blog, whereas my spirituality unfolds into mediumship, which is my way of expressing myself in this world.


Readings and demonstrations

There is more between heaven and earth. I realise I also give messages in my job as a copywriter and a journalist, but in the field of mediumship it works somewhat differently. If you want to receive a reading from me, you’re welcome to reach out. Of course it’s also possible to book me for a living room session at your home. I can make contacts for a group of people that you’ve invited (most often they’re groups of 6 to 10 persons).

For a reading I charge 70 euro's and for a living room demonstration 15 euro's per person with a minimum of 80 euro's (preferably cash).


When getting a reading, this is how it works

I’ll be happy to receive you during appointment at my place. Of course we’ll sit in a separate room, so that we won’t be disturbed. I’ll just tune in and ask for a connection for you. It could be a family member, an acquaintance or a friend that comes through, definately someone you know. As soon as I’ve got contact, I’ll give you evidence so you will know who is there and I will try to further explain and ask for a personal message for you.

When talking about evidence you can think for example of character traits, shared memories or the way someone died. This evidence makes the consultation specific, personal and almost tangible. It is a special feature of the so called “English mediumship” in which I’ve been trained.

I want to know as little as possible about you. Without any information beforehand, the evidence is stronger. This objectivity is very important to me. Therefore, I ask you not to give me any information in advance and I prefer that you only give me a simple "yes" or "no" during the reading.

De Kracht van Stilte, keramiek van de Blauwe Roos han

Usually a consultation takes about 45 minutes and after I have finished, you can tell me everything you want to and ask questions if you'd like. That is helpful for me too! I make an audio recording of the reading, which I can send you by email, if you want me to.


Imagine, it’s like an old fashioned telephone line

Please realise yourself that when you go to a medium, you’ll receive what you need to hear from the other side and that is not necessarily what you will want to hear. Although you may have expectations of who'll be there, someone else may come through and the message may be different. I am not more than a telephone line. We must wait and see who answers it and we must also listen to what is being said, but of course I'll try my hardest for you!

For some of you it’s just fun to get in touch with a loved one, others may have unresolved grief. Any reason to visit me is valid and you're welcome. I am happy to help you!


How to get in touch

Are you interested and do you want to get a reading, just send me an email via the "contact page" and put in your phone number, so that I am able to call you for an appointment. You're most welcome!

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The sculptures have been created by Christianne Terneldeli. There's more information on her Dutch website De Blauwe Roos (click here).