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I am glad you found me! Often contact is established through other people. Myrthe Bruinzeel from Spirit and Soul.nl might have directed you to me or it might have been one of my colleagues Rosita and Saskia (and of course you might have found me any other way).

Anyway, I would love to help you with your questions in life. Perhaps someone died and you miss them? Perhaps you are grieving or there might be some loose ends and pent-up feelings between you and someone who died. I read energy as a medium and I contact your dead loved ones.

You are most welcome, even if you are just curious and want to experience contact with a medium. I would like to be there for you!


What do you want to know?

Click on the following topics: About Han - How does it work? - How much does it cost? - A private reading - A mediumistic party - Who comes through? - I want to book an appointment - A message, what does it mean? Or read my entire page. Do you still have questions? Call me or send me an email via the contact page.

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About Han, serious when needed and a smile whenever possible

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Throughout the years I have gathered the needed knowledge of life. As an interim manager I reorganised multiple businesses; you must work closely with people during difficult times. It taught me to have both feet firmly on the ground. In my private life I found out what it's like to lose people. People who mean the world to you. And I know what it feels like when the shoe pinches whilst you still must go on with your life.

When I went to Assisi, Italy, silence came on to my path. I started meditating and I discovered that I can establish contact with those who have passed.

And whilst we are talking about death: for most people it's a difficult subject. I understand that very well, but end-of-life care and my gift have changed my view on death. To me, death means pain and sorrow, but also relieve. Or when I put it in other words: when the sun goes down, the moon can start to shine. It's just that what I would like to show to you during a reading.

In Assisi is also my link with Friederike Weiß who mostly writes on our blog. Do you want to know more about us, look at our page "Who are we".

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How much does a reading or a mediumistic party cost?

You are more than welcome for a private reading. We can do that in my home in Breda or at the Dijnselburg estate in Zeist. This residence is located in a central position in the Netherlands. After the reading you can take a walk through the nearby forest. A private reading in Breda or Zeist will cost you 70 Euros. 

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Of course, you may also book me for a mediumistic party at your home. In the company of six to ten people, I will establish several short contacts with your loved ones. Because of the way I'll describe them, you will be able to recognise them an most of these contacts will end with a personal message from your loved ones.

Such a séance is easily accessible and because you'll be in a group, confidential and private information will not be shared. You may decide whom you invite to your place; friends, family or your neighbors for example. Just make sure that there'll be a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes the contacts will be emotional and others are really joyful. For such a party you may decide whether you want me to contact your loved ones, or I can read your own energy using flowers or jewellery. Whatever you want.

The nature of a mediumistic party is vastly different from a private reading. If you like a joyous gathering with lots of contacts, a mediumistic party is perfect for you! But if you'd like to hear in private from your loved ones, a one to one reading would suit you much better. I charge 120 Euros plus travelcosts (outside of Breda) for a mediumistic party. If you have any questions, I encourage you to call me.

On the Fridays January 17th, February 14th, March 13th, April 10th, May 8th and June 12th I organise mediumistic parties myself at my own place. You are invited to come, alone or together with a friend if you like. It costs 15 Euros and you can sign up via the contact form (click here).

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When getting a reading, this is how it works

I'll be happy to receive you during appointment at my place in Breda or Zeist. Of course, we'll sit in a separate room, so that we won't be disturbed. I'll just tune in and ask for a connection for you. It could be a family member, an acquaintance or a friend that comes through, definitely someone you know. As soon as I've contact I'll give you evidence so you will know who is there and I will try to deepen it out and ask for a personal message for you.

When talking about evidence you can think for example of character traits, shared memories or the way someone died. This evidence makes the consultation specific, personal and almost tangible. It is a special feature of the so called 'English mediumship' in which I've been trained.

I want to know as little as possible about you. Without any information beforehand, the evidence is stronger. This objectivity is very important to me. Therefore, I ask you not to give me any information in advance and I prefer that you give me a simple 'yes' or 'no' during the reading.

Usually a consultation takes about 45 minutes and after I have finished, you can tell me everything you want to and ask questions if you'd like. That is helpful for me too! I make an audio recording of the reading, which I can send you by email, if you want me to.

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Meditation in Silence, click here for ceramices from De Blauwe Roos


Who comes through?

Please realise yourself that when you go to a medium, the other side will tell you what you need to hear from them and that is not necessarily the same as what you expect or what you want to hear. Although you may have hope for who'll be there, someone else may come through and the message may be different. I am not more than a telephone line. We must wait and see who answers it and we must also listen to what is being said, but of course I'll try my hardest for you!

For some it's just fun to get in touch with a loved one, others may have unresolved grief or may have practical questions about life. Any reason to visit me is valid and you're welcome. I am happy to help you!

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How to get in touch

Are you interested and do you want to get a reading, just go to my 'contact page' and book an appointment in my online agenda.

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Would you like to read some reviews first, or have you had a reading with me and would you like to write one, click the Facebook and/or Google logo. 


A personal message, what does it say?

Usually, a reading ends with a personal message. But please realise that mediumship is not more than a gift to share with others, not science. What I tell you during a reading is a mix of what I sense and how I interpret it. Because of that translation, even the best medium won't get everything 100 percent right (and neither will I).

A reading shows you that life continues after death and a personal message from a loved one often brings a lot of comfort. You're allowed to enjoy it, but at the same time, you should realise that you live your own life. You get to decide yourself what you do with a personal message. So keep living your own life in the present and don't depend on the other side too much. I advise you to contact a medium twice a year at most.

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At last: medium or paragnost?

What's in a name? I call myself a medium because I was trained in the English mediumship and I receive my messages clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant. Others then say that you are a paragnost or that you are paranormally or spiritually gifted. According to the Dutch dictionary the 'Dikke van Dale' a paragnost is a clairvoyant who doesn't make any mediumistic contact, but in real life it is so much more.


Meditation in Silence, about Han Terneldeli


The sculptures have been created by Christianne Terneldeli. There's more information on her Dutch website De Blauwe Roos (click here).