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On this page you will find links to websites that might interest you. You've got a tip? Please let us know, thank you so much!

Meditation in silence, link to Cities of Light han Click here for Teksten van Han. A site in Dutch about my second nature, namely writing.
Meditation in silence, link to Eckhart Tolle's website   Click here for Het Laatste Gesprek, my site in Dutch about terminal care, farewell texts and funeral speeches.
Meditation in silence, link to Karoszorg   Click here for De Blauwe Roos, the site in Dutch of my wife Christianne Terneldeli about expression in sculptures.
Meditation in silence, link to Silent Stay   Click here for Silent Stay, Bruce and Ruth Davis' website for retreats in the USA.
Meditation in silence, download the quick reference guide for our International Blog   Click here to downlaod the quick referce guide for our International Blog.