This website is an initiative of Han Terneldeli from the Netherlands and Friederike Weiß from Germany. We are just two old soulmates who've found each other again in this live. We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you.


Who is Han Terneldeli

My name is Han Terneldeli. I am in my 50's, and together with my wife Christianne, our daughter Louise and dog Fluister (Whisper) I live in Breda, the Netherlands.

Almost from the beginning of my career I have been involved in corporate change processes. Initially I did so while employed in management, and later on I settled as an independent interim-manager, and I hired myself out to direct reorganizations. I was successful and assumed that success equaled enjoyment and job satisfaction.

But after a couple of years it became clear to me that skills do not necessarily lead to job satisfaction. In 2005 I was struck with a major burn-out. With the help of a psychiatrist and my wife (who helped me by taking a hands-off approach with her slogan “I’ll be there for you, but you yourself will have to solve your problems”) I recovered. After more than one year I allowed myself to really focus on me, and I took part in my first retreat. The American couple Ruth and Bruce Davis guided me into the overwhelming silence in the city of Assisi.

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"Just slow (slooow) down and go deep (deep) into yourself” was Bruce's answer to my question: "how do I go on?". This week became the final chapter of my recovery; I felt healed by the time that I went back to the Netherlands again. In Italy it became clear to me that silence is my home. A deep longing awakened in me to carry forward that beautiful silence.


Why "Meditation in silence"

Meditation in Silence, medium Han Terneldeli
Meditation in silence, Han Terneldeli.

I didn’t want to go back to my old job again and I started with a small scale car dealership in Youngtimers (classic cars, a hobby of mine) and meditation kept me intrigued. In my free time I was looking for meditations in silence, but I couldn’t find anything that fitted my personal needs. Initially I was drawn to the Dutch national program “Cities of Light”, where once a month people gather together in private living rooms for meditation in silence. Often the silent meditations evolved into guided meditations with voice and music. But for me that was distracting from my goal to focus inward.

The Dutch national program occasionally hit on what I was looking for, but it was not consistent, and most of the time it did miss the boat. For example the mandatory sitting position rules did not appeal to me. In Assisi you were allowed to choose you meditation position, the objection was to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Be fine, that’s all and find (fiiind) your way inward. No rules, just the simplicity of silence.

I read a book once about prince Siddharta (the later Buddha) and it explains how the prince feels a lack of interest to succeed his father and become the country's next King. He decides to leave the palace and as a monk to go look for his master somewhere in the thick woods. After years of wandering he finally finds him on top of a mountain in a meditative, almost vegetative state and Siddharta decides to join him. After five days of silence he mustered up all his courage and Siddharta asked the master for his secret, but he didn’t respond at all. After three more days finally, the master looked up and said to him: “do you know what your problem is? You talk too much…”.

After six years I found my teacher again – Bruce – in a weekend retreat in Kevelaer (Germany) and to me it felt like home coming. “It's just so good (sooo good) to see you again, welcome.” One and a half years later I was invited to come and meditate with a small group of people in the same monastery without our teacher. During this retreat dramatic changes occurred with both me, and the group. I became enlightened that silence is my path and that I want to share and guide other people in meditation to silence.

I personally invite you to join me, in quest for silence, everyone is welcome!


Do you need a master

Life can be a struggle at times and we all search for our own direction. The question is if you actually do need a master to guide you down your road? The answer is no, you can do it by yourself. Deep inside the answers await you. Remember the old days at school when your teacher guided you throughout the curriculum and you made your own choices, it can be comforting someone guide you on the inner path. There, deep inside the silence of your heart you will find the answers that you’re looking for. A treasure simply awaiting for you to discover.

In my experience it is easier to find your way within when you meditate jointly in silence. The joint energy leads the way.

I am not a master, but I would like to reach out to you. You are very welcome!


Meditation in Silence, Han Terneldeli




And who is Friederike Weiß

Ok, Who am I? For a long time I believed to know that: born in the middle of the Second Worldwar, "again a girl!?" (my father's comment) after three teenie sisters - so the baby of the family that tried hard to emulate the example of the elder ones. She succeeded in keeping to common steps of life: school, study, working (as teacher), marriage, children - convinced to be that for my whole life.

Meditation in silence, Friederike Weiß
Meditation in silence, Friederike Weiß.

But then the net tore off the outer common safety, elements of the old world broke down, I had to look for a new ground. Nearly imperceptible a new net was formed under my stagging steps that gave me more and more foothold.

Already during my youth and later during my theology studies always questions about my understanding of God and about the sense of human being arose. But often I didn't find convincing answers in the Catholic Church in which I have been grown up. My search led me tot the way of spirituality by books, workshops and specially meditation. My heart more and more opened with joy so that I felt gently hold during my life crisis.

It was the call of silence that opened me undreamt depths. I learned to embrace my life in a new way that means with all its light and shadow sides, up and downs. "There is no right no wrong" (Bruce Davis), everything is important for my conscious or unconscious chosen experiences.

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The call of silence got a foothold and expanded at another place: ASSISI, the small medieval town in Umbria/Italy where Saint Francis about 800 years ago left his traces which till today mark the spirit of that place and still attract people from all over the world. Here I found my inner self step by step with the intensive support of Bruce and Ruth Davis (Silent Retreats and Movement for the Soul) and by many precious heartmeetings with people which were also searching sense of being. My heart opened gradually more and more getting into contact with the spiritual world. Outside year by year was growing together an international family by understanding, exchanging and sharing in the sense of the connecting Franciscan spirit.

Short after the opening of the Meditation Center of Bruce Davis in 2001 in front of my inner eyes I had a clear vision of a spiritual community in the sense of St. Francis. So it was my first intention to stay in Assisi forever together with some friends who also felt called. But very soon I realized that this heart community isn't bound to a special outer place but can be lived worldwide as for example in the community of the Little Flowers initiated by Bruce and Ruth Davis. So I decided, last but not least because of my grandchildren, to go back to Germany carrying the blooming Assisi garden in my heart unfolding for myself and others. But nevertheless from time to time I go to cherish and water the inner garden in Assisi.

Meditation in silence in Assisi - Italy
Meditation in silence in Assisi - Italy.

Since about 20 years I dedicate full of joy much of my time with people living in an old people's home. More and more I succeed in dealing with diseases, dementia, physical weakness and death not loosing the aspect of lightness and the joy of being. That doesn't mean that I don't face the real matters but I accept them and "play" with them in a lovable way. in that context the imaginative plays of my grandchildren are my inspiration to regard life as a kind of play on stage which is opened every day new.

The space of silence has become a firm and at the same time a fluent ground that keeps and holds everything as it is: the enormous variety of experiences that designs the lives of the people in bright and dark colors carried by the all-surrounding unconditional love, our source, our original home.

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Over the years I created many texts expressing my inner growing. Some of them are messages received by the spiritual world or they are visions transferred during meditations. I dearly thank Han for giving me the possibility to share a few of them with you. You may want to read some of my spiritual experiences on our blog (please click the button above). And if you want to respond or share your own  experiences please do this here as well. You are most welcome to do so!


Meditation in silence, Friederike Weiß